Know-How we have collected

Over time, has gathered quite some know-how. Many documents and video recordings were published in the context of our LinuxDays. This page is a link collection of what we learned and produced in the past years.


FS'18 (Spring Semester 2018)

HS'17 (Fall Semester 2017)

FS'17 (Spring Semester 2017)

  • Introduction to Linux (course by Simon Farner): Slides (PDF)
  • The Linux Toolkit (course by Simon Farner): Slides (PDF)
  • The Power of Linux (course by Sandro Kalbermatter): Slides (PDF)
  • Bash workshop (course by Aline Abler): Slides (PDF)
  • Reconquering Private Mail With GPG (course by Jan Veen): Slides (PDF)

HS'16 (Fall Semester 2016)

FS'16 (Spring Semester 2016)

HS'15 (Fall Semester 2015)

FS'15 (Spring Semester 2015)

  • Free and Open Source Software (course by Cédric Sonderegger): Slides (PDF)
  • Advanced Courses (courses by Sandro Kalbermatter): Script (PDF)